Watch & Wear

Mere words cannot convey the AWESOMENESS of a shirt from, so we’ve used motion pictures.

Welcome to Watch & Wear, a video showcase of the dazzling collection. We’ll take you on a guided tour of every cuff, collar, pocket and placket.


  • Our founder Ken Silverman
  • Ray the shirt supermodel
  • Our favorite shirts from our all-star lineup of amazing designers.


Ryan Michael

In this video, you will learn:

  • Ryan Michael shirts are designed by Michael Ryan.
  • Ray is one hunky shirt model!
  • Ryan Michael shirts feature special touches like pre-washed double-sided fabric, exclusive themed snaps, and precision contrast stitching.
  • Do not boil and bake your Ryan Michael shirt.

Robert Graham

If color is your thing, then Robert Graham makes your shirt.

Robert Graham has been crafting American Eclectic lifestyle originals since 2001. His shirts feature complicated & colorful designs, fanatical attention to detail, and subtle unusual touches like textured embroidery and satin lined plackets.

As Robert likes to say, “Cheers to living life colorfully!”

Luchiano Visconti

We receive lots of questions about Ray the super-model. Here’s what you need to know:

TURN-ONS: Moonlit walks along the beach, Godard in the early years, namako if sliced just right, mechanical bull riding.  TURN-OFFS: Shirts not from

In this “Watch & Wear” video, you’ll find out something else about Ray: he is eye candy in a Luchiano Visconti shirt!

Au Noir

Montreal-based designer Au Noir really sweats the details with their exquisite collection of fitted shirts! (or as they say in Quebec, “Au Noir, il sue les détails, vraiment!) Au Noir shirts feature smart signature touches like a three-button configuration that makes the neck opening adjustable, a button-under collar, and contrasting fabric along the collar & placket. And the fabrics…. ooh la la.

To make your man stand out, go Au Noir.


From their home base in Lippstadt, Germany, three generations of the Haupt family have been crafting exceptionally fine clothing for over 90 years. Haupt fuses old-school quality obsession with new-age bold design. The word “haupt” means “head.” When it comes to durability, fabric, fit, and finish, Haupt shirts are at the head of the pack.