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Known for its unique and stylish shirt designs, Maceoo has exploded in popularity among men worldwide. Maceeo was founded by two brothers with a shared love of fashion. Today, Maceoo is reinventing men’s designer fashion from its headquarters in Paris, France and San Diego, CA.

The quality of Maceoo shirts is unrivaled. Each dress shirt is crafted from 25 pieces of fabric. The shirts are designed in Paris, the fabrics are made in Italy and the finished product is engineered in Europe to bring a truly exceptional men’s designer shirt.

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  • Maceoo Fibonacci Splash Black

    Maceoo Fibonacci Splash Black looks like you got into an artful fight with some black paint. There’s nothing wrong with being a little messy!

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Idol Navy

    Maceoo Fibonacci Idol Navy shirt is everyone’s favorite deep purple. It’s a dark shirt with many mysterious details and secrets.

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Scribble Blue

    Maceoo Fibonacci Scribble Blue shirt is a beautiful work of chaos. We love the striking contrast between the blue and yellow.

  • Maceoo Wall Street Navy Performance

    Maceoo Wall Street Performance Navy shirt is Maceoo’s signature design for movement and style. This extremely comfortable shirt has stretch in all directions.


  • Maceoo Luxor Funky Skull

    Maceoo Luxor Funky Skull came just in time for spooktober! Whether you need a Halloween look, or you just love rocking a skull, this shirt is waiting for you!

  • Maceoo Einstein Weave Navy

    Maceoo Einstein Weave Navy shirt is a smart look. It’s a simple print with a sharp navy color. Feel free to rock this look wherever you go!

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Lifetime Blue

    Maceoo Fibonacci Lifetime Blue is all about making a statement. Whether it’s the sharp color contrasts, the facial print, or the overall chaos, this shirt says it all.

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Tunnel Purple

    Maceoo Fibonacci Tunnel Purple will transport you to another dimension! This shirt combines everyone’s favorite things, a royal purple, and a beautiful print.

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Star Navy

    Maceoo Fibonacci Star Navy is outta this world! This shirt combines everyone’s favorite things, a royal purple, and a beautiful constellation print.

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Monderian Pink

    Maceoo Fibonacci Monderian Pink is a mathematical masterpiece. It has details, colors, and shapes galore! Plus, it’s soft and stylish.

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Domino Blue

    Maceoo Fibonacci Domino Blue is the perfect soft, bright, fall shirt. We love the mint-colored details in the button holes and the cuffs!

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Domino Grey

    Maceoo Fibonacci Domino Grey is the perfect soft, neutral, fall shirt. We love the red details in the button holes and the cuffs!

  • Maceoo Fibonacci Bolt Black

    Maceoo Fibonacci Bolt Black shirt is beautiful, and that’s not just a theory! This stylish burgundy color will turn heads.

  • Maceoo Wall Street Peacock Purple

    Maceoo Wall Street Peacock Purple shirt is a beautiful blend of blues and purples that will have all the people staring. Go ahead, strut your stuff!

  • Maceoo Wall Street Dimension Grey

    Maceoo Wall Street Dimension Grey shirt takes the classic button down to a whole new dimension! This soft grey color is complemented by a cool linear print.

  • Maceoo Luxor Ring Blue

    Maceoo Luxor Ring Blue can be dressed up or dressed down! Roll up your sleeves in this beautiful blue for a more casual look.

  • Maceoo Fresh Mystical White

    Maceoo Fresh Mystical White shirt is great for summer! We love the contrasting print inside the placket, and the fact that it’s made of 100% Egyptian cotton.

  • Maceoo Luxor Camo Purple

    Maceoo Luxor Camo Purple men’s shirt may look like camouflage, but you definitely won’t blend in. These beautiful purple hues were made to stand out!