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Haupt is a German designer that creates the BMW of shirts. Haupt’s cutting edge style, colors, and fanatical attention to quality are second to none. Innovative fabric engineering, such as Haupt’s proprietary Ceramica, means that your Haupt designer shirt purchase will express the leading edge of the shirtmaker’s art.

These are all sale shirts. From now on, new Haupt shirts will only be available on our new and improved HauptUSA site. Please go to https://hauptusa.com/ now and shop the new spring line! Thank you.

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  • Sale

    Haupt Pyxis

    Haupt Pyxis shirt resembles the motherboard of a computer, and it is just as complex and mesmerizing! We love the beautifully textured weave.

    $189.00 $114.95
  • Sale

    Haupt Vega

    Haupt Vega shirt is a sharp and simple look! The interesting tic-tac-toe-like pattern adds something playful to this soft grey piece.

    $165.00 $94.95
  • Sale

    Haupt Aquila

    Haupt Aquila shirt is reminiscent of an optical illusion. Its repeating black and white oval pattern just might hypnotize you, if you stare long enough!

    $145.00 $84.95
  • Sale

    Haupt Zeke

    Haupt Zeke is a fantastic way to step into fall, without completely saying goodbye to spring. We love the way this shirt looks both retro and modern!

    $165.00 $114.95
  • Sale
    Haupt Plön men's designer shirt from Germany, front viewHaupt Plön men's designer shirt from Germany, back view

    Haupt Plön

    Haupt Plön shirt is a sharp way to make an entrance! Its fun buttons and contrasting patterns make this way more interesting than your typical white shirt!

    $135.00 $79.95
  • Sale
    Haupt Bär men's fashion shirt, front view

    Haupt Bär

    Haupt Bär is a mesmerizing triangular pixelation of design, autumn colors and a repeated pattern of a huffing bear.

    $180.00 $89.95