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Georg Roth was born in Bavaria, Germany, and began his career in fashion at age 17. Recently, Georg took his designs to a new level creating Georg Roth Los Angeles. Residing in the heart of LA with the contemporary world of fashion in his backyard, it was a natural fit. Georg designs his shirts with his personal lifestyle in mind. “I like to design a shirt that puts a smile on people’s faces”.

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  • Georg Roth New York men's designer shirt, front viewGeorg Roth New York men's designer shirt, collar view

    Georg Roth New York

    Georg Roth New York shirt is named for the U.S.’s capital of art and fashion. Appropriately so! The amazing swirling black/white print of this shirt defines wearable art.

  • Georg Roth Destin men's designer shirt, front viewGeorg Roth Destin men's designer shirt, collar iew

    Georg Roth Destin

    Georg Roth Destin shirt defines wearable art with a painterly vertical pattern of variegated blue, navy and black against a crisp white background. Ultra-fine European cotton gives it extra class.

  • Georg Roth Del Mar men's designer shirt, front viewGeorg Roth Del Mar men's designer shirt, collar view

    Georg Roth Del Mar

    Georg Roth Del Mar shirt has a refined, artistic geometric print pattern and a hidden dash of panache with a smoke-patterned contrasting fabric peeking from the cuffs. Kind of gives new meaning to rolling your own.

  • Georg Roth Basel men's designer shirt front viewGeorg Roth Basel men's designer shirt collar view

    Georg Roth Basel

    Georg Roth Basel is a shirt about faded stripes, not faded love. In fact, you’ll fall in love with its sophisticated European styling and subtle color variations.

  • Georg Roth Beverly Hills men's designer shirt, full viewGeorg roth Beverly Hills men's designer shirt, under collar view

    Georg Roth Beverly Hills

    Georg Roth Beverly Hills showcases the designer’s attention to detail. We love the precise blue mini-print and the contrasting details found throughout this amazing shirt.

  • Sale
    Georg Roth Arizona men's western-style shirtGeorg Roth Arizona men's shirt, cuff detail

    Georg Roth Arizona

    Georg Roth Arizona is a modern reinvention of the traditional western shirt. It’s for the cowboy in all of us!

    $175.00 $79.95
  • Sale
    Georg Roth Valencia men's long sleeve shirt, front view

    Georg Roth Valencia

    Georg Roth Valencia has  soft palette that will have you walking on clouds.

    $198.00 $99.95
  • Sale
    Georg Roth Danville men's designer shirt, front viewGeorg Roth Danville men's designer shirt, inner cuff view with contrasting fabric

    Georg Roth Danville

    Georg Roth Danville shirt is a classy nod to tradition that still maintains a fashion-forward attitude. Check the amazing collar details!

    $198.00 $99.95
  • Sale
    Georg Roth PicoGeorg Roth Pico Khaki Black Men's Shirt.

    Georg Roth Pico

    Georg Roth Pico begs the question, “when is a classic plaid not so classic?” After Georg Roth gets his hands on it is the the answer.

    $198.00 $79.95

Georg Roth shirts lead the pack in trendsetting styles for the contemporary man. Distinctive and sharp, you’ll find well-made, sophisticated designs unlike anything else.

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Georg Roth shirts are designed to encompass every aspect of your lifestyle, from work, play and travel to dinners and pool parties. From laid back and casual to sophisticated gatherings, Georg Roth shirts are the perfect stylish solution for every occasion.

The “shirt that puts a smile on people’s faces,” you’ll capture attention in a Georg Roth shirt from the moment you enter the room. Show off your unique individual style with cool, creative designs you won’t find anywhere else. Unique, stylish designs that look and feel fantastic…what more could you want?

Don’t just take our word for it, shop our curated collection of Georg Roth shirts today.

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