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Georg Roth was born in Bavaria, Germany, and began his career in fashion at age 17. Recently, Georg took his designs to a new level creating Georg Roth Los Angeles. Residing in the heart of LA with the contemporary world of fashion in his backyard, it was a natural fit. Georg designs his shirts with his personal lifestyle in mind. “I like to design a shirt that puts a smile on people’s faces”.

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  • Georg Roth Indus

    Georg Roth Indus shirt is beautiful in a lot of ways. It looks like a painted masterpiece, but you can wear it! And unlike a painting, it fits like a dream!

  • Georg Roth Victoria

    Georg Roth Victoria shirt is an extravagant work of art. The detailed pattern within the stripes is what makes this shirt so spectacular. Also, it’s soft!

  • Georg Roth Pacific

    Georg Roth Pacific shirt reminds us of those misty fall days on the Pacific Coast. We love the sleek grey lines and the unique wash of this piece.

  • Georg Roth Bering

    Georg Roth Bering shirt is a dark and mysterious look. We love the peek-a-boo greens coming through under the black wash.

  • Georg Roth Huron

    Georg Roth Huron shirt is a lovely addition to any fall wardrobe. The brilliant color and slight stretch to this shirt is what makes it so special.

  • Georg Roth Caspian

    Georg Roth Caspian shirt is named for the beautiful waters of the Caspian Sea. Many Blues have come together to make this soft and beautiful shirt.

  • Georg Roth Bengal

    Georg Roth Bengal shirt is a sharp and classy. It’s sleek blue pattern and stitching are both impeccable and fashionable.

  • Georg Roth Galilee

    Georg Roth Galilee shirt is like an onion– it has layers! The only difference is that it will draw people closer to you, not further away!

  • Georg Roth Atlantic

    Georg Roth Atlantic shirt is beautiful, but also different. We love the way the color has been dyed to resemble water drops.

  • Georg Roth Aral

    Georg Roth Aral shirt is a detailed masterpiece. It’s got style and class. We love the double stripes and practical pockets!

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    Georg Roth Destin men's designer shirt, front viewGeorg Roth Destin men's designer shirt, collar iew

    Georg Roth Destin

    Georg Roth Destin shirt defines wearable art with a painterly vertical pattern of variegated blue, navy and black against a crisp white background. Ultra-fine European cotton gives it extra class.

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