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Bugatchi Uomo

Bugatchi Uomo is an Italian-inspired shirt design company that combines fashion-forward styles with high quality and feel. Bugatchi Uomo collections use some of the finest European fabrics sourced from European mills.

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  • Bugatchi Uomo Midnight Stripes

    Bugatchi Uomo Midnight Stripes is a tropical paradise. With its colorful flowers, sunset color scheme, and dark stripe overlay, there is nothing this shirt can’t do.

  • Bugatchi Uomo Aqua

    Bugatchi Uomo Aqua shirt is a beautiful mess of color, texture, and pattern. The designer couldn’t decide on one shape or one line, so he painted them all on this one spectacular look.

  • Bugatchi Uomo Classic Blue Lines

    Bugatchi Uomo Classic Blue Lines shirt is for the linear lover in all of us. When things are chaotic, your shirt is the only thing in order… and in style.

  • Bugatchi Uomo Slate

    Bugatchi Uomo Slate shirt is a painted scene of tranquility and fashion. The varying shades and widths of these soft blue stripes are what truly make this shirt different from the rest.

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    Bugatchi Uomo Rainier

    Bugatchi Uomo Rainier is one beautiful shirt. We can’t decide what we like most about it! The pattern resembles broken glass, and the colors are to die for!

    $179.00 $109.95
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    Bugatchi Uomo Rushmore

    Bugatchi Uomo Rushmore shirt has us feeling presidential! Is there anything more handsome than a dark plaid shirt made of cotton and silk? Probably not.

    $179.00 $109.95
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    Bugatchi Uomo Navy men's designer shirt, front viewBugatchi Uomo Classic Blue men's polo-style designer shirt, neck view

    Bugatchi Uomo Navy

    Bugatchi Uomo Navy shirt is for all of the Hawaiian shirt lovers out there, who still have to go to work. Luckily, this lightweight fabric will provide the same amount of comfort.

    $149.00 $89.95