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His Favorite Shirt has been selling men’s shirts from leading designers on line since 2002. We not only feature established brands with loyal followings; we also love to discover new, innovative shirt designers on their way up.

Our current roster includes Robert Graham, Haupt, Luchiano Visconti, Au Noir, Maceoo, Bugatchi Uomo, Autocratic Vogue, Nat Nast, Brandolini, Georg Roth, International Laundry, Stone Rose, Psycho Bunny and Ryan Michael.

Spend some time with our collection. You’re sure to find your next favorite shirt.

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  • Maceoo Luxor Camo Grey

    Maceoo Luxor Camo Grey shirt is a breathable and beautiful way to present yourself. We love how the colors move when you do!

  • Maceoo Luxor Camo Purple

    Maceoo Luxor Camo Purple men’s shirt may look like camouflage, but you definitely won’t blend in. These beautiful purple hues were made to stand out!

  • Maceoo Luxor Stripe Degraded

    Maceoo Luxor Stripe Degraded is for all you people out there who like to live against the grain. You live life on the edge, but you always look good.

  • Maceoo Luxor Classy Check

    Maceoo Luxor Classy Check shirt says it all. It takes casual check shirts to a whole new level of sophistication with this purple and black gradient.

  • International Laundry Mari

    International Laundry Mari shirt is one detail after another. IL didn’t want to stop at classy vertical stripes, they had to add cool diamond patterns, too!

  • International Laundry Babylon

    International Laundry Babylon shirt is a beautifully casual look with subtle detailing. We love the breathable textured fabric.

  • International Laundry Mumbai

    International Laundry Mumbai shirt is the perfect combination of color and class. We love the way the colors move when you move!

  • International Laundry Jakarta

    International Laundry Jakarta men’s shirt has a casual denim appearance, but without the heavy denim feel. We love this simple and classy look.

  • International Laundry Thebes

    International Laundry Thebes shirt will power up your wardrobe! You’ll feel electric in this shockingly handsome work of art.

  • International Laundry Constantinople

    International Laundry Constantinople shirt feels like those soft corduroy pants you have in the back of your closet. But this shirt actually looks good.

  • Au Noir Yan White

    Au Noir Yan White shirt is a crisp and classy look for all occasions. Whether you’re going to a meeting, or out on a date, you’ll be handsome as ever.

  • Au Noir Volare New Blue

    Au Noir Volare New Blue shirt isn’t for the faint of heart. This is an eye-catching look with captivating details to match.

  • Au Noir Vitaly

    Au Noir Vitaly shirt is so nice we stocked it twice! We have two colors for you to choose from because we just couldn’t decide which one we liked better.

  • Au Noir Vasquez Nuovo Black

    Au Noir Vasquez Nuovo Black shirt is a twist on the classic black shirt that everyone needs. The detailed cuffs and placket add some pizzazz.

  • Au Noir Rotan Red Navy

    Au Noir Rotan Red Navy shirt is a beautiful work of art! Have you ever seen a checkered shirt like this one? We love the blue and purple together!

  • Au Noir Pablo Check Navy

    Au Noir Pablo Check Navy shirt is a beautiful contrast of bright and dark stripes. We love the detailing in the cuffs and the placket!

  • Au Noir Orelio Floral White Multi

    Au Noir Orelio Floral White Multi represents the most stylish garden that we have ever seen! You’ll catch everyone’s eye in this beautifully crafted shirt.

  • Au Noir Karma White Black

    Au Noir Karma White Black shirt is a beautiful mess! Au Noir took care of all of that pesky paint work, and now you just get to show off the hard work!

  • Au Noir Ibiza Blue

    Au Noir Ibiza Blue shirt is a cool and frosty blue color, which makes it perfect for winter! You’ll blend right in with the chilly weather.

  • Au Noir Curtis Navy

    Au Noir Curtis Navy is a fanciful and casual look. It doesn’t try too hard, and yet it still looks beautiful. We love the contrasting cuffs!

  • Au Noir Caprice White

    Au Noir Caprice White shirt is a beautiful art piece composed of flowers and whatever else you can think of! We love this unique print!

  • Haupt Tethys

    Haupt Tethys shirt is as beautiful as it is unique. It has a deliciously soft hand, and the flecks of warm colors are wonderful to look at.

  • Haupt Titania

    Haupt Titania shirt is like leaving the house in your softest blanket, except its a handsome plaid shirt. We think we may have found the cure for Mondays…

  • Haupt Charon

    Haupt Charon shirt is just the kind of shirt you need for fall. It's warm colors, plus one of the most luxurious fabrics you can find? Sign us up!

  • Haupt Rhea

    Haupt Rhea shirt is the quintessential fall button-down…with a twist! It is made with Ceramica fabric, a luxurious and special Haupt favorite.

  • Haupt Phobos

    Haupt Phobos shirt is made with a knit fabric, which means it has lots of stretch. Not to mention, it’s as soft as your favorite t-shirt!

  • Haupt Deimos

    Haupt Deimos shirt is like a soft t-shirt impersonating a sharp looking button down. It’s okay though, we won’t tell anyone!

  • Haupt Circinus

    Haupt Circinus shirt is a textured masterpiece. The velvet vertical stitch marks make this shirt both fascinating and handsome!

  • Haupt Columba

    Haupt Columba shirt is the perfect cozy shirt to wear on those breezy autumnal days. The best part? The comfort does not replace style!

  • Haupt Lacerta

    Haupt Lacerta shirt is not only soft to the touch, it’s easy on the eyes! We love the blueprint pattern and the way the red contrasts the grey.

  • Georg Roth Indus

    Georg Roth Indus shirt is beautiful in a lot of ways. It looks like a painted masterpiece, but you can wear it! And unlike a painting, it fits like a dream!

  • Haupt Vela

    Haupt Vela is a fresh blend of fall colors. It’s as if all of the leaves changing on the trees have been reflected right on your shirt!

  • Robert Graham Lewiston

    Robert Graham Lewiston shirt is as striking as it is gorgeous. It’s one of Robert Graham’s more subtle looks, and yet, the details are overwhelming.

  • Haupt Apus

    Haupt Apus shirt is a beautiful blend of fall colors and eye-catching patterns. The amount of detail in this piece is mesmerizing!

  • Brandolini Granite

    Brandolini Granite shirt is as classy as it is beautiful. The flowing pattern over the sleek charcoal background is enough to catch anyone’s eye.

  • Ryan Michael Diamond Jacquard

    Ryan Michael Diamond Jacquard shirt is all about detail. Wooden buttons? Got ’em. Soft Hand? Yep. Classic woven pattern? Of course. We love this look!