Georg Roth T-shirts Have Landed!

Buy Georg Roth los Angeles men's designer shirts at His Favorite Shirt

Georg Roth T-shirts Have Landed!

Georg Roth has just created the best T-shirts in the world. 

Georg Roth's new T-shirt line is the best in the world.

Behind the search for the Georg Roth T-shirt

Georg Roth undertook the crazy task of designing the best T-shirt in the world. Crazy because, let’s face it, there is a ton of competition. Georg spent years of experimentation and research on designing his new T-shirt line. The first shipment of shirts just arrived at His Favorite Shirt, and after just a few days we’ve become convinced that Georg has succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations. These shirts are unbelievable.


First, Georg uses natural materials. He makes these shirts from 100% organic pima cotton, with an off-the-charts thread count. The softness and light weight of these T’s has us wanting to live in them. And T’s with any amount of synthetic materials, while much less expensive, start to smell after one wearing. Cheap comes at a price, too.

Second, Georg chose Swiss non-chemical, non-allergenic dyes for the colored shirts (they come in several shades of blue, as well as grey, black and good old basic white). This adds expense, but really, who wants nasty chemical dyes next to his skin?

Finally, Georg rediscovered old-world manual processes (washing, drying, rolling up, unrolling, folding, etc.) that he uses in place of machines during the in-house pre-fit treatment. This helps maintain the fabric’s natural elasticity while avoiding any distensions in the fabric’s feel and integrity. Although extraordinarily time-consuming, Georg Roth felt that this process was a must in order to keep the level of quality perfection that he aspired to reach.


Georg Roth T-shirts in the Real World

We’ve taken these shirts for a spin on our test track, and here are our results:

  • The comfort defies description.
  • The colors are deep and rich.
  • These shirts can handle wash temperatures up to 140 degrees F and retain their shape, fit and softness.
  • You can dry them in an ultra-hot dryer and they will come out as soft and comfy as they were beforehand. Indestructible!
  • Georg makes his T-shirts in both crew neck and V-necks.
  • And most importantly, they look fabulous! We find the fit to be modern, which has a slightly fitted contour. This means they will hide nicely under a shirt, but also make you look great if you wear them alone.

We’ve got the full line now

You can order Georg Roth T-shirts on our web site now. We are sure you’ve never experienced a T like this before.