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His Favorite Shirt

The Service Ethic of a Fine Men’s Store: The Convenience of Online Shopping

It’s been said that fashion is temporary, but style is timeless.

Since 2002, His Favorite Shirt has curated a collection of casual, elegant men’s designer shirts with an eye toward cutting-edge fashions that still maintain their style for the long haul.

His Favorite Shirt grew from Nimbus, a fashion boutique and gallery in the noted arts and theater town of Ashland, Oregon. For over 40 years Nimbus has outfitted men with fashion shirts from the world’s leading designers. This wealth of men’s fashion experience infuses His Favorite Shirt.

In other words, we’re not just some dude in a shipping container with a broadband connection. Our staff has nearly 100 combined years of high-end men’s fashion experience, and an unfailing commitment to customer service.

About Nimbus

Nimbus draws on the creative energy of its customers, who visit Ashland, from all over the world, to attend the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Students are drawn to Southern Oregon University, which is our liberal arts college and still, many other visitors simply come to enjoy the beauty of Lithia Park, historic buildings, nature trails, Friday Night Art Walks, Mt. Ashland skiing, fine dining, wine tasting and a bustling nightlife. Customers from even the largest cities have grown to know Nimbus as a place to find unique special clothing and footware for men and women. Nimbus is also a gallery of the fine crafts and artistic endeavors of contemporary American artisans and jewelers.

The shirts that we present online at HisFavoriteShirt.com can also be seen in person at our storefront, in our Men’s Department, should you happen to find yourself in Ashland, Oregon. To view our store on Google Virtual Tour go to Google Maps, enter Nimbus of Ashland Oregon and click on “see inside”. We welcome you to visit us in person, but we extend the same warm welcome with your online experience!