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    Haupt Schottenkaro men's designer shirt

    Haupt Schottenkaro

    Haupt Schottenkaro combines dark colors with bright accents, combinations of thick and thin shapes, asymmetrical patterns, and complex design.

    $165.00 $79.95
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    Haupt Burgund men's designer shirt, front viewHaupt burgund men's designer shirt, inner cuff

    Haupt Burgund

    Haupt Burgund is an abstract version of mini panes of stained glass windows in deep, rich burgundy.

    $148.00 $74.95
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    Haupt Löwe men's designer shirt, front

    Haupt Löwe

    Haupt Löwe is an abstract design of concentric circles that, similar to manes, crown flashes of lion heads found within this shirt’s pattern.

    $180.00 $89.95
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    Haupt Krawatte men's designer shirt, front view

    Haupt Krawatte

    Haupt Krawatte is a shirt patterned with tiny grey bowties that repeat horizontally and vertically to create a very unusual pattern.

    $125.00 $64.95
  • Haupt Kattun men's designer shirt, front view

    Haupt Kattun

    Haupt Kattun is at first glance a straightforward gingham plaid, but with movement it creates an optical illusion that blurs its straight lines.

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    Haupt Bär men's fashion shirt, front view

    Haupt Bär

    Haupt Bär is a mesmerizing triangular pixelation of design, autumn colors and a repeated pattern of a huffing bear.

    $180.00 $89.95
  • Haupt Streifen men's designer shirt, frontHaupt Streifen men's designer shirt, collar and placket

    Haupt Streifen

    Haupt Streifen is your classic, crisp boardroom preppy style for day and your after work cocktails with good friends for evening.

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    Haupt KemptenHaupt Kempten men's long sleeve shirt, collar and cuff view

    Haupt Kempten

    Haupt Kempten is perfect for those tipping their toes in the pool of fashion. Subtle, calming stripes, but packed with details.

    $155.00 $74.95
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    Haupt Buhl

    Haupt Buhl

    Haupt Buhl is a geometric masterpiece of a Haupt shirt will have you getting all Pythagorean. Or is it Pascal-esque?

    $179.00 $84.95
  • Haupt Rostock

    Haupt Rostock

    Haupt Rostock is a classy, elegant Haupt shirt deviates from traditional Haupt designs. But in a good way!

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    Haupt Stockheim men's designer shirt, light blue, frontHaupt Stockheim men's designer shirt, melon, front

    Haupt Stockheim

    Haupt Stockheim is an anything-but-standard oxford shirt in an array of prismatic colors that can go from the office to the edge of the world, and beyond.