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Brandolini is a luxury fashion brand for the man who craves style while demanding the highest quality standards. Brandolini has a talent for fabulous Italian-made designer fabrics and details.

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  • Brandolini Garden men's designer shirt, front vuewBrandolini Lollipop men's designer shirt, neck view

    Brandolini Garden

    Brandolini Garden shirt is a textured masterpiece. We love the way the leafy white pattern puckers! Plus, the blue stripes add class to the whole look!

  • Brandolini Lollipop men's designer shirt, front viewBrandolini Lollipop men's designer shirt, neck view

    Brandolini Lollipop

    Brandolini Lollipop is a fun way to present yourself on on any occasion! The multicolored stripes blend so well, and the soft cotton fabric is like a dream.

  • Brandolini Blueprint men's designer shirt, front viewBrandolini Blueprint men's designer shirt, neck view

    Brandolini Blueprint

  • Sale
    Brandolini Amici men's designer shirt, front viewBrandolini Amici men's designer shirt, neck view

    Brandolini Amici

    Brandolini Amici wins friends with its large scale floral pattern, overlaid with texture from woven stripes. For the man who is both colorful and deep!

    $150.00 $119.95
  • Sale
    Brandolini Bertazzo men's designer shirt, front viewBrandolini Bertazzo men's designer shirt, neck view

    Brandolini Bertazzo

    Brandolini Bertazzo shirt is a masterpiece of jacquard weaving, with its large scale geometric shapes woven into a mini-herringbone pattern. This defines luxury shirting!

    $140.00 $109.95
  • Sale
    Brandolini Masotti men's designer shirt, front viewBrandolini Masotti men's designer shirt, collar view

    Brandolini Masotti

    Brandolini Masotti shirt evokes the energy and spirit of Italian futurist art with its bold, geometric design.

    $140.00 $109.95
  • Sale
    Brandolini St GallenBrandolini St Gallen long sleeve men's shirt, collar view

    Brandolini St Gallen

    Brandolini St Gallen will have you dreaming of fields of wildflowers. Or nights on the town. In either dream, you’re looking fabulous.

    $165.00 $79.95

Demand style without sacrificing comfort and quality. Brandolini designer men’s shirts pair the finest Italian fabrics and detailing with unmatched comfort. The result: Your new favorite dress shirt.

With a light stretch and regular fit, Brandolini shirts offer just the right amount of breathing room for any man on the go. Whether you’re crushing it at the office or taking the town by storm, one thing is certain: Your style won’t have to suffer. With options like bold geometric designs, subtle stripes, herringbone patterns and jacquard weaving, Brandolini shirts appeal to every modern man’s style.

Make a statement with every shirt. Brandolini shirts are outfitted with chunky buttons and contrasting lines, colors and details, making each one truly unique. With a wide selection of patterns, you can choose the perfect shirt for any occasion – and be confident your fashion sense won’t go unnoticed.

Shop the hottest Brandolini men’s shirts custom-curated by our style experts today.

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