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Luchiano Visconti’s shirt designs for men are based on original Italian classic components, with a sassy mix of New York panache. Visconti creates shirts that have a futuristic edge, yet are inherently classic. The designer’s fabrics and fashion details place it at the pinnacle of men’s fashion.

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  • Luchiano Visconti Sprinkles

    Luchiano Visconti Sprinkles makes all of us here at HFS very happy. It looks as good as eating confetti cake feels. A classic stripe shirt with a colorful twist!

  • Luchiano Visconti Brainstorm

    Luchiano Visconti Brainstorm shirt is electrifying. This unique look is home to a conglomeration of patterns creating a storm for your brain. You will be at your most creative in this shirt.

  • Luchiano Visconti Whiteout

    Luchiano Visconti Whiteout looks like it just got back from the cleaners. It feels like fresh laundry. It will look sharp on you.

  • Luchiano Visconti Weaver

    Luchiano Visconti weaver is made up of many details that come together in one work of art. If you love having the best of the best, then you need this shirt.

  • Luchiano Visconti Spacewalker

    Luchiano Visconti Starwalker shirt is an astronaut’s weekend attire. You’ll never have to leave space when you can wear it!

  • Luchiano Visconti Blocked

    Luchiano Visconti Blocked shirt is a methodically organized mosaic. Tiles of blue and red turn this shirt into a modern art piece.

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    Luchiano Visconti Alder

    Luchiano Visconti Alder shirt is beautifully iridescent. It starts with brick red, then twisted blue thread causes the shirt to change color as it moves.

    $98.00 $59.95
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    Luchiano Visconti Fir

    Luchiano Visconti Fir shirt has a twisted thread overlay, which means that it’s almost iridescent. We love its simplicity!

    $98.00 $69.95
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    Luchiano Visconti Hemlock

    Luchiano Visconti Hemlock shirt can be found where business meets playtime. You’ll never have to worry about looking too serious, or not serious enough!

    $98.00 $59.95
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    Luchiano Visconti Buckeye

    Luchiano Visconti Buckeye shirt is for the cowboy in all of us. The one that still has to go to work, but wants to represent their western side.

    $98.00 $59.95