The HFS Alberto Pants Summer Tour: Places We Love

One of our Alberto bulls in the mountains. Right at home.

One of our Alberto bulls in the mountains. Right at home.

Alberto pants’ slogan, appropriately, is “Pants We Love.”

At HFS we decided that we were overdue for a classic American summer road trip. So we’re packing pants we love (ahem, that would be Albertos) and hitting the road to some places we love. The Alberto bulls are coming with.

Visit cool places. Look cool doing it. Follow us!

Shirt Care for the Careful Shirt Owner

Buying our men’s shirts can be like buying a work of art.  They are all limited edition with specific design elements which are one of a kind.  This being said, our shirts sometimes cost a pretty penny.  These shirts are an investment.  They make a statement and should last as long as you need them to.  So in this blog, we will help you care for your shirt the way that they are intended to be taken care of, to ensure your shirt retains its beauty.


Surprisingly enough, many of our shirts can be machine washed!  In fact, all but Robert Graham and Bugatchi Uomo say they can be machine washed.

The key to remember is to wash according to the material.  Cotton, more often than not, can be machine washed on a cold cycle.  Cotton can also be washed in warm water, but shrinking can occur as well as bleeding dyes.  We always recommend washing your shirts in cold water because warm water can weaken the fabric fibers in the long run.

Silks, linens, and blends containing these fibers should be hand-washed because these fibers can be more delicate than cotton.  Cold water is always recommended for these shirts.

As far as drying goes, the safest bet is to hang dry your shirt.  More heat and more agitation will weaken the fibers and sometimes cause discoloration with the dye or buttons.  That being said, sometimes a shirt comes out of the washer wrinkled or will dry stiff, but a good steam (not press) will return the shirt back to its glory.

Ultimately, the people who know how to take care of your shirt the best are the ones who made it, so check the label.

Hopefully these tips will help you care for your shirt in the proper way to ensure its long life!