The His Favorite Shirt Alberto Pants Summer Tour: Carhenge

Another stop on our summer tour was the famous Nebraska roadside attraction, Carhenge. This quintesentially American attraction is a replica of Stonehenge erected by artist Jim Reinders as as a tribute to his father, who farmed the land on which Carhenge was erected. Unable to import the same henges from England, Reinders used junked cars […]

Eye Loop: The Non-Pocket Protector

Many of our shirts are designed without pockets. Georg Roth, Robert Graham, Stone Rose, Luchiano Visconti, International Laundry — all of them design non-pocketed shirts. So what’s a guy who uses reading glasses gonna do? Enter the Eye Loop, a sleek update of the nerdalicious pocket protector of the FORTRAN era. The Eye Loop is […]

Stone Rose for Fall

Stone Rose’s fall collection is out. Sorry for the delay in adding them to our web site, but it took us a while to pick our jaws up off the floor. These are some of the designer’s finest shirts yet. Their cotton fabrics have a crispness that contradicts how absolutely sweet they feel when you […]

The HFS Alberto Summer Tour: Steens Mountain, Oregon

Sometimes, the middle of nowhere is definitely somewhere. We took our Alberto bulls to one of our favorite places, Oregon’s remote, pristine Steens Mountain. At the base is the tiny town of Frenchglen, pop. 11. The Frenchglen Hotel was built in 1917 and is now operated by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department, which […]

The HFS Alberto Pants Summer Tour: Places We Love

Alberto pants’ slogan, appropriately, is “Pants We Love.” At HFS we decided that we were overdue for a classic American summer road trip. So we’re packing pants we love (ahem, that would be Albertos) and hitting the road to some places we love. The Alberto bulls are coming with. Visit cool places. Look cool doing […]

Shirt Care for the Careful Shirt Owner

Buying our men’s shirts can be like buying a work of art.  They are all limited edition with specific design elements which are one of a kind.  This being said, our shirts sometimes cost a pretty penny.  These shirts are an investment.  They make a statement and should last as long as you need them […]

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