A Guide to Wearing T’s (like the new Georg Roth T-shirts!)


In all our excitement this week about the new Georg Roth T-shirts, we uncovered “The Best Damn Guide to Mens’ T-shirts on the Internet” over at the most excellent The Art of Manliness. We think their claim is bold, but right on. Wish we’d written the article ourselves.

Here’s a summary of their advice, but the article is worth the whole read. (more…)

Luchiano Visconti Fall Shirts are Here!

Luchiano Visconti Shirts have for years been among our favorites. The designer consistently shows an eye for luxurious, cutting-edge fabrics, typically from Eastern European mills. Luchiano Visconti sticks mainly with a regular shirt fit, so the shirts look fabulous over a range of physiques. Yours, for example! We routinely see Luchiano spec’ing thoughtful luxury details that are typically found on shirts that cost a lot more. So, think of Luchiano Visconti as affordable high end.

Save 10% by reserving this fall Luchiano Visconti design called "Patti."


Don’t Mess with the Psycho Bunny

A picture of men wearing Psycho Bunny shirt.

Psycho Bunny T-shirts

Beware the Bunny.

No. Wait. WEAR the Bunny. As in Psycho Bunny.

One of our shirt guys has been a Psycho Bunny fan since the brand began, and we’re pretty much stoked to offer Psycho Bunny apparel to our customers. We’re now carrying their T-shirts and a very cool, cotton logo baseball cap.

A man wearing Psycho Bunny's Twin Flag & Bunny T-shirt.

Psycho Bunny’s Twin Flag & Bunny T-shirt


Big Robert Graham Shirt Sale This Week

Here’s a great opportunity to get yourself into a fabulous Robert Graham shirt from the designer’s Fall 2104 collection. This week only, use promo code RF35 at checkout and take an additional 20% off the sale price of Robert Graham fall/winter season shirts. This sale absolutely ends at midnight Pacific time on Friday, March 20. While you’re at it, check out Robert Graham’s latest spring 2015 shirts, including the amazing, exclusive Robert Graham shirt called Sacred City!



Pick up the Limited Edition Toffer Man at a killer price this week.

Pick up the Limited Edition Toffer Man at a killer price this week.

Jorge Won His Luchiano Visconti Order!

All this month we are giving customers the chance to WIN THEIR ORDER. All you have to do is place an order, and we will choose one customer per week and refund the amount of their order, up to $300. Last week’s winner was Jorge from Florida. He ordered Luchiano Visconti’s fabulous Nola shirt. Congratulations, Jorge!


Luchiano Visconti men's shirt.

Jorge won this shirt. You could be this week’s winner.

We have scads of new amazing spring shirts from Robert Graham, Haupt, Nat Nast, Georg Roth, Stone Rose and Luchiano Visconti on the site. And we just added a dozen sweet shirt designs from International Laundry. For example:


We just added this sweet new International Laundry shirt to our web site.

We just added this sweet new International Laundry shirt to our web site.

The His Favorite Shirt Alberto Pants Summer Tour: Carhenge

The Alberto pants bulls at Carhenge.

The Alberto pants bulls line up for their official Carhenge portrait.

Another stop on our summer tour was the famous Nebraska roadside attraction, Carhenge. This quintesentially American attraction is a replica of Stonehenge erected by artist Jim Reinders as as a tribute to his father, who farmed the land on which Carhenge was erected. Unable to import the same henges from England, Reinders used junked cars instead. All irony aside, Carhenge has a singular mystical quality that stands as a lasting comment on American car culture. To bridge the fashion gap between mystical awe and Nebraska Sandhills cowboy attire, we chose the Alberto Double-dyed Vintage Twill jeans, which made the transition to a cafe in nearby Alliance, Nebraska an easy one.

His Favorite Shirt and Alberto pants worship the Valiant.

The Alberto pants bulls showed special reverence for the Valiant.

Eye Loop: The Non-Pocket Protector

Many of our shirts are designed without pockets. Georg Roth, Robert Graham, Stone Rose, Luchiano Visconti, International Laundry — all of them design non-pocketed shirts.

Georg Roth Genova shirt.

Genova, a shirt by Georg Roth. Fantastic shirt. No pockets.

So what’s a guy who uses reading glasses gonna do?

The Eye-Loop: nerdtastic brilliance!

The Eye-Loop: nerdtastic brilliance!

Enter the Eye Loop, a sleek update of the nerdalicious pocket protector of the FORTRAN era. The Eye Loop is a small, stainless steel loop that attaches to your shirt via a non-destructive little magnet, allowing you to hang your glasses from your shirt, even if you don’t have a pocket to protect.

It’s freakin’ brilliant! Now you can look fabulous and get your nerd on at the same time. Or at least read the menu and order the Osso Bucco instead of the Orso Bruno. Although, well, we’d take both. Buy the Eye Loop now on our web site. It will be the best twenty bucks you spend this week.

Stone Rose for Fall


Stone Rose’s fall collection is out. Sorry for the delay in adding them to our web site, but it took us a while to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Love the deep cobalt of this Stone Rose shirt.

Love the deep cobalt of this Stone Rose shirt.

These are some of the designer’s finest shirts yet. Their cotton fabrics have a crispness that contradicts how absolutely sweet they feel when you put them on. The best of both worlds, we’d say. We’re also impressed by the deepness of the colors: Stone Rose combines cobalts, reds, purples and blacks in striking patterns that look fantastic on their own, or layered.

You can see the new Stone Rose shirts here. And we have a few remaining spring/summer Stone Rose styles on clearance, too.

Color, color, and more color!

Color, color, and more color!

Stone Rose sweats the details.

Stone Rose sweats the details.