How to Perfect the Sleeve Roll for Your Bugatchi Shirt

How to Perfect the Sleeve Roll for Your Bugatchi Shirt

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Historically, men rolled their sleeves for practical purposes. Clothing was expensive and they didn’t want to ruin it. They were preparing to work (and for an occasional fight.) Today, sleeve-rolling is more of a style statement and for comfort and relaxation. While there are several techniques out there, your Bugatchi shirt requires slightly different styling. Here’s how to perfect the sleeve roll for your Bugatchi shirt.

When to roll your Bugatchi shirt sleeves

Rolling your sleeves is the universal men-at-work style. There are several practical situations that require it, from washing your hands to heavy lifting, working on something dusty or dirty, or when it’s hot outside.

Stylistically, rolling your Bugatchi shirt works best in casual situations. There are few basic guidelines to follow when rolling your Bugatchi shirt. For all shirt rolls, don’t roll sleeves past the elbow — your elbows should only be showing if you’re going to be working. On a similar note, don’t roll suits or sports jackets. Push them back if it’s absolutely necessary, or take them off all together.

How to roll your Bugatchi shirt

Bugatchi ShirtBugatchi ShirtBugatchi Shirt

With a Bugatchi shirt, the modern fit and contrast trim at the cuffs calls for a slight variation of what’s known as the Casual Forearm Roll (yes, it’s a thing.) Here’s the best way, step-by-step, to roll your Bugatchi shirt sleeves.

  1. Unbutton one gauntlet button on the cuffs. If you have larger forearms, you can adjust and unbutton both if necessary.
  2. Push back each sleeve so the cuff is in the middle of your forearm.
  3. Fold the cuff back and inside out to feature the Bugatchi signature contrast trim on the inner cuffs. Adjust the cuff if necessary so it’s a comfortable fit.

No matter what way you roll your shirt sleeves, Bugatchi shirts embody the classic, timeless style that’s perfect for every occasion. Check out our collection of the latest Bugatchi shirts today.