Stylish Au Noir Shirts for Every Occasion

Stylish Au Noir Shirts for Every Occasion

Stylish Au Noir Shirts for Every Occasion

Luxury fabric. Cutting edge technology. Signature details. What’s not to love about Au Noir men’s designer shirts? Au Noir shirts are a unique, innovative voice in men’s designer wear. Based in Montreal, Canada and crafted in Turkey, Au Noir shirts are truly a world class luxury.
Each specialty Au Noir shirt is named for a concept and freedom of thought, and their daring approach is evident in each design. An innovator in the garment industry, Au Noir shirts’ distinct details include soft jacquards and 100% woven cottons, signature embroidery below the cuff and above the top button hole, contrast stitch and button colors, leather cuff clasps and tasteful inner collar garnishes.

Au Noir shirts also have a three-button feature below the neck that allows the wearer to customize the size of the neck opening to fit your physique and the occasion, making it easily adjustable for every situation and dress code.

Not sure where to begin? We got you covered. Here’s the complete guide on some of our favorite Au Noir shirts for every occasion.

The Office

men’s designer shirts

Your office gear needs to be professional, not stuffy. You’ll go straight from the boardroom to turning heads at happy hour with ease with this sophisticated twist on the classic blue collared shirt.

Date Night

men’s designer shirts

Keep up with your stylish lady when you take her out on the town. Upgrade your standard button-down with an Au Noir classic shirt, like this charcoal one with a subtle mini-dot pattern that’s perfect for date night.

Out With The Guys

men's designer shirt

For a night with the boys, you want to keep it casual, but stylish. Try this navy and green take with classic windowpane plaid details. It’s the perfect balance of masculine, bold design.

Fashion Forward

men's designer shirt

The spirit of Au Noir can be summed up in a simple phrase — be daring, be bold. With that mantra in mind, stretch your fashion muscles with this statement making option. The bold print and contrasting cuffs ensure you’ll command whatever room you walk into. 

Here’s the bottom line — you’ll stand out no matter which Au Noir shirt you choose. With luxury fabric, unparalleled design and signature details, you can’t go wrong.

We’ve only scratched the surface. Check out the rest of our men’s designer shirts and Au Noir collection here.

Note: Au Noir shirts are the most fitted men’s designer shirts we carry. Au Noir shirts are crafted to fit the body with extreme attention to detail (but aren’t skin tight). While they drape properly around the arms and shoulders to allow freedom of movement, you may want to consider going once size up from your normal size when you order.

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