Don’t Mess with the Psycho Bunny

Don’t Mess with the Psycho Bunny

A picture of men wearing Psycho Bunny shirt.

Psycho Bunny T-shirts

Beware the Bunny.

No. Wait. WEAR the Bunny. As in Psycho Bunny.

One of our shirt guys has been a Psycho Bunny fan since the brand began, and we’re pretty much stoked to offer Psycho Bunny apparel to our customers. We’re now carrying their T-shirts and a very cool, cotton logo baseball cap.

A man wearing Psycho Bunny's Twin Flag & Bunny T-shirt.

Psycho Bunny’s Twin Flag & Bunny T-shirt

Psycho Bunny is the irreverent brain child of American Robert Goldman and Brit Robert Godley. They founded the brand to give the rest of us a fresh alternative to the alligator, polo player and all the other tired chest logos out there. We love it! They also create apparel that pays tribute to their home nations, like the mash-up of the Stars & Stripes and the Union jack shown above. Talk about a “special relationship!”

And what about the logo itself? According to the designers:

Inspired by the 17th-century non-conformist maritime marauders and secret societies likethe infamous Skull & Bones, Godley sketched a logo on a napkin during a meeting with a friend, an English weaver. His adventurous and aspirational vision replaced the traditional human skull with a rabbit’s head, and an icon was born. The standard was set for what the Psycho Bunny brand would come to represent: classic style, redefined.

All Psycho Bunny T shirts are made from super-luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton: the best there is. They are super soft, but with attitude.

So punk the alligator! Wear the Bunny.