Introducing Maceoo Shirts

Introducing Maceoo Shirts

Maceoo's Wall Street men's shirt

“Wall Street” design, available now from

We want you to know about Maceoo shirts.

No, not Maceo, as in Maceo Parker (we also love Maceo Parker). Maceoo, with two o’s. As in fabulous men’s shirts.

Headquarted in both Paris and San Diego, Maceoo’s founder brought a high-tech engineering background and partnered with his brother, a fashion-industry veteran, to form the company. And they just dialed it!

Check out our selection of over 50 Maceoo shirt designs.

Maceoo's Mini Panam Charcoal shirt

Mini Panam Charcoal

Maceoo's Maude Black Red Check shirt

Maude Black Red Check shirt

Maceoo shirts are a slim tailored cut to help accentuate the body, but still allow for movement. The designer’s squared colored buttons, matched with intricate stitching, is not an understatement but a form of craftsmanship. The lapel, collar height, button layout and cuffs vary in style and color. The designer’s signature is the interior piping within the neckline, along with a tasteful logo stitched on the back of the collar and/or underneath the front lapel.

We are really excited about Maceoo shirts. The fabrics are all exquisite premium cotton. The designs are cutting-edge, and full of fascinating luxury details. Many of shirts could make a bold statement under a blazer in a business context. All the shirts make a bold statement worn alone with slacks or jeans.

Maceoo's Pan Am Evo White shirt

Pan Am Evo White shirt